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Attract repeat readers with polished prose so you can live to write another day.

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$.02/wordLine Editing: Flow, clarity, word choice
$.01/wordProofreading: Punctuation, spelling,
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Generate more income by teaming up with a scopist. When you’re writing, you’re earning.

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Service3-5 days1-2 days24 hours
Prices are subject to change. Please contact me for a direct quote.

“Working with Abbey was a dream come true for me. I needed help, but I needed the right person. She helped me edit a book that meant a lot to me. I have a certain tone—and she just got it. She got me. She is so kind, thoughtful, and above all very talented in what she does. So talented—I’m working with her again! I brag about her all the time. I’ve got an editor! And her name is Abbey!”

—Rebecca Lesner Schlaeger, author of Mental Girl
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“If you are serious about writing, you need an editor, someone who can provide a bird’s eye view of what you can’t see as an author. I was thrilled that Abbey was willing to go beyond editing and become a creative collaborator who helped breathe depth into my story. Writing is a team effort. I look forward to her help with my upcoming, third book.”

—Alan Harvey (pen name James Garmisch), author of Silver Lead and Dead and History’s Prisoners
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Without Abbey Cárdenas my prose is but a mere shadow of what I wasn’t even aware was possible. Abbey’s skills and professionalism are top of the line.

—James Rose, author of Boo Hoff

Professional, prompt, thorough, detail-oriented. You can trust that Abbey will do a meticulous job. I’d use her services again in a heartbeat.

—Ralph Mroz, author of The Senior Years Master Plan

It was a pleasure working with Abbey. I do hope we can work together in the future.

—Tina Brown, E.Y.I.G Publishing

Abbey Cárdenas has great attention to detail and a vast knowledge of grammar and punctuation rules. I am a busy attorney and always rushing, so it’s great to have Ms. Cárdenas to make my work look professional and error-free. Since English is my second language, her help is invaluable. In fact, I should probably have her review this testimonial.

—Lizeth Perales, Esq.


I offer editing, proofreading, and scoping services. I have proofread and edited books ranging from self-help to romance. My experience in the field derives from my studies as a linguistics major, working as an ESL writing tutor, and working as a legal assistant editing and proofreading legal documents, such as pleadings, demand letters, and motions. I would love to have a word with you. Let’s talk!


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