Scoping Services

Tired of editing your work ad nauseam? Let me be your amicus curiae.

Scoping Rates (per page)

Service3-5 days1-2 days24 hours

System: Case CATalyst
English Guide: Morson’s English Guide for Court Reporters by Lillian Morson
Education: Graduate of Internet Scoping School by Linda Evenson. Areas of study included:
Punctuation and Word Use; Notereading; Medical Terminology; Transcript Production; Case CATalyst Software Training; Practice Files
Legal experience: 4.5 years’ experience as a legal assistant at an employment law firm. Part of my duties included summarizing deposition and court transcripts, proofreading pleadings, demand letters, and motions.

You know words.
I know words. Let’s talk!

“Abbey Cárdenas has great attention to detail and a vast knowledge of grammar and punctuation rules. I am a busy attorney and always rushing, so it’s great to have Ms. Cárdenas to make my work look professional and error-free. Since English is my second language, her help is invaluable. In fact, I should probably have her review this testimonial.”

— Lizeth Perales, Esq.

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